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Sports, Uniforms and Military Fetish Pics

Every man who has found themselves in this position faces a moment of truth - a point of no return. In those few moments, the mind races and the breath quickens as he tries to grab on to any rational thought. But in those moments, logic has disappeared, replaced by pure, primal instinct; the deep longing that has been suppressed all of his life. And for every man who finds themself there...each of them give in and cross that line.

And they never, ever look back.

Spit roasting the hot fuck prince ...

Austin Wolf 

Sean Zevran 




When he started college, he was very quiet and shy and the guys on his floor thought he was a fag. When he found out what they were saying, he called them together and showed them his credentials. Within a few hours some of the true dorm fags made themselves known when they begged for his cock.